KAVKA Multiage

At Kenhuru you will also find models of modern, comfortable and safe for you and your child KAVKA Multi-Age carriers. What are the advantages of the carriers visible in our offer? There are many of them. First of all, such a carrier is extremely useful for parents during walks, both at home and outside, in the city or in nature. The baby carrier is very comfortable because it “frees” the parent’s hands and at the same time keeps the toddler close to him. Such carriers are equipped with straps, thanks to which the toddler sits safely in the carrier and at the same time is still in touch with his mother or dad. Using the belts, the child can be placed facing the parent, close to the chest and abdomen, in the “M” position recommended by physiotherapists.

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Thanks to Multi-Age carriers, the parent’s spine is significantly relieved. The belts attached to them allow for even distribution of the child’s weight, as well as for placing the toddler in the right position.

Baby carriers – what should you remember when choosing them?

When deciding on a carrier, there are several important considerations to consider. The first is the toddler’s age. There are many types of baby carriers on the market, which are selected taking into account the age and weight of the child. In our store, we offer carriers that will work for children weighing from 3.5 kg to as much as 20 kg.

When choosing the right carrier, it is also worth paying attention to several other important aspects. The first is the approvals of the selected model – the carrier must be made of safe materials that will not pose a threat to the child. Another important aspect is the wide braces – they should be soft and easily adjustable, just like the hip belt. Thanks to the harness and waist belt adjustments, it will be much easier to adjust them to the person carrying the child. The carrier should also make it easier for us to adjust the distance of the indentation intended for the child’s legs.

KAVKA Multi-AgeĀ carriers

In this category, we present the KAVKA Multi-Age carriers, designed for children weighing from 3.5 kg to 20 kg. KAVKA carriers, in cooperation with Kenhuru, are made of high-quality jacquard fabric. We follow the principle of less waste, so we use fabric leftovers from cutting scarves to sew baby carriers. Thanks to this, the carriers we offer you are one-of-a-kind and truly exceptional. You will not find such projects anywhere else. Multi-Age carriers grow with the child – this is their great advantage. They can be used by children over 3 months old and weighing min. 3.4 kg. The baby carrier will serve our toddler for a long time.

Noteworthy is the extremely simple adjustment of the Multi-Age carriers – the height and width of the panel. It is also important to adjust the height of the shoulder straps fastening, so you can fasten them classically on the child’s back, but also under the knees.

Durable and extremely soft jacquard fabric gives the child a sense of comfort during everyday wear. We also took care of the parent’s comfort – with them in mind, our Multi-Age carriers have full shoulder straps. The safety of Kenhuru baby carriers is guaranteed by the certified YKK buckles and the additional security system. The ergonomic panel allows the child to be placed in the “M” position recommended by physiotherapists. The head of a sleeping toddler can be easily supported using the detachable hood included in the set. The mentioned hood is also useful as protection of the child’s head, e.g. against rain during a walk. The offer includes, among others such carrier models as KAVKA Multi-Age Madonna Guadalupe and Kit Rebakka. Get to know them all!

Why is it worth using a baby carrier?

There are many advantages to carrying your baby in a carrier. The undeniable ones include building a bond with the parent, a sense of peace and security for our toddler. Secondly, the parent has, as already mentioned, freer hands. Thanks to this, the child can accompany him during many activities on a daily basis, but that’s not all. It should also be mentioned that the carriers help to stimulate deep feeling, regulate sleep and support the digestive system. The baby carrier is also very easy to put on and use – after a few attempts, each parent will be able to put the baby in the carrier freely and securely.

How to correctly put on a baby carrier? First fasten the lap belt, then take the baby in your arms and put it with its belly against the belly. The next step is to put a panel on the child’s back, put on both shoulder straps, fasten the buckle on your back and adjust the length of the harness and panel height. After positioning your baby, make sure that he is sitting symmetrically and that his legs are sticking out on both sides of the carrier – this is very important for maintaining a correct and safe position.

If you have any additional questions related to our carriers or want to know more about them, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right KAVKA Multi-Age carrier.