KAVKA Carriers

Comfortable baby carriers for children, which always provide the child with proper support for the spine, is a great alternative and at the same time a supplement to traditional woven scarves or ring slings. It is also a proposition for all those who are not entirely convinced by the idea of classic babywearing. In our store you will find offers and models suitable for each age and weight category of a child – from a newborn to a three- and even four-year-old child.

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Why is it worth choosing a baby carrier?

Baby carriers work well in all conditions and are usually chosen by those who live in a constant run. The very structure of the carrier makes mobility much easier – it does not require the parent to have the knowledge and skills of tying appropriate, safe and solid knots. Installing the harness on a sling is usually a matter of two simple fasteners – at the hips and at chest height, and sometimes also at the back, at shoulder level. Such a structure of the baby carrier allows you to quickly place the child in a comfortable position that provides optimal support for the hips and spine. For this to happen, you need to choose models that offer two positions of carrying the toddler – facing you or on the back.

Carrying a child close to you not only guarantees easier movement around the house or city thanks to the possibility of eliminating the stroller. It is also a great way to overcome the first longer trips or mountain trails. A child close to a parent will always be calmer, more relaxed and allow mum or dad to do more. It also directly influences future relationships and trust not only in the loved ones, but also in the environment.

Baby carriers are offered

Future parents will find KAVKA carriers in our store. The carriers are made of KENHURU shawls. We offer HANDY, MULTIAGE and MULTIAGE + baby carriers.

The HANDY carrier model is made of the aforementioned KENHURU fabric, the composition of which is 100% combed cotton, therefore it ensures reliability and durability. It is intended for children from 3.5 kg. The upper weight limit for this series is up to 20 kg. Thanks to the innovative adjustment system, the carrier can be very well adjusted even to small children. The wide hip belt and shoulder straps, on the other hand, relieve the parent.

These are the first, basic types of baby carriers that are worth buying and starting your adventure with. Their great advantage is the innovative technology of adjusting the fastener and adapting the method of holding to the size of even a few months old baby. All the models we offer meet the stringent safety standards and have the CEN / TR 16512 certificate.

MULTIAGE is a carrier for carrying children whose weight ranges from 3.5 kg to even 20 kg. The minimum height of a child is 56 cm and the maximum is 104 cm. In this way, the carrier becomes universal – purchased at the very beginning, it will be a carrier for a newborn baby, as well as for a two-, three- or even smaller four-year-old child. The model “grows” with your toddler, adjusting to its dimensions thanks to convenient and easy-to-use adjustment. For older children, classic fastening is provided and the possibility of carrying the child on the back or facing you, for the youngest it is recommended to fasten an additional buckle under the knees. Thanks to this, the toddler maintains the correct posture for himself at this age. The wide hip belt effectively relieves the parent’s shoulders even during longer trips, which makes the walks comfortable for both sides.

MULTIAGE + is a carrier designed for older children – clothing sizes up to 122 cm or weight up to 25 kg. All products found here are characterized by great durability and solidity, easy adjustment of the fastening, but above all the possibility of perfect adjustment of the hold to the age and weight of the child.

All the models we propose are safe, and a carefully thought-out design guarantees comfort also for the parent. Our baby carriers are fully universal products, often made in single items from the best quality, 100% combed cotton.

How to adjust a baby carrier to carry babies?

The basic question when choosing a baby carrier is whether the gadget is to be only a carrier for a newborn or is it to be a convenient alternative to the classic transport of a toddler in a stroller. The type of carrier also matters. The best are ergonomic models that do not cause, inter alia, dysplasia through incorrect body posture. We definitely avoid “facing the world” and the so-called. pendants in which the child even hangs on the crotch. You should also be reasonable when buying a baby carrier – the weight range given by the manufacturer, including the minimum weight of the child, is only a guideline. If the child meets this criterion, but is unable to hold the head on its own, and above all, to hold its head steadily, a scarf will be a much better solution – the carrier will be useful when the toddler grows up a bit. In the case of older children, additional pads or stiffeners will not be needed.

In any case, you can ask us for advice – we will be happy to help you choose the right baby carrier for you and your baby.