You do not like to part with your child for longer, but you also have a lot to do? Do you like comfortable solutions and are you looking for an alternative to a stroller? KAVKA Handy carriers are a perfect proposition for you. This product is a combination of an ergonomic baby carrier and a woven wrap for carrying babies. Due to the belt adjustments it is much more comfortable and practical to use. Regardless of whether you are looking for an alternative during walks or when doing household chores – the KAVKA Handy baby carrier will work very well in all conditions. Thanks to the fact that the toddler sits comfortably inside the carrier, you have unlimited maneuverability and free hands. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the freedom of movement as well as the closeness of your child.

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What are KAVKA Handy baby carriers made of?

KAVKA Handy carriers are made of high-quality jacquard fabric that does not cause allergic reactions and is very comfortable for both the child and the wearer. According to the principles of less waste, our carriers are made of material leftovers that remain after the slings are cut for babywearing. Thanks to this, each parent has the opportunity to buy their own and practically unique KAVKA Handy baby carrier, which no one else will have. Most often, such a carrier is made in single copies. Thanks to this, you know that you are buying an original and unique baby carrier.

Child safety above all else

If you are wondering if your child will be safe in the KAVKA Handy baby carrier, we have already answered. The KAVKA Handy baby carrier has been made in such a way that the child’s hips are arranged in the so-called letter M, creating a comfortable and safe position, which is recommended by specialists. For a child to be completely safe, the most important thing for a parent to remember is that a child can “use” the KAVKA Handy carrier only when they can keep their head straight by themselves.

The great advantage of the product is also the adjustment of the straps, thanks to which we can adapt them even to very young children. The panel that can be adjusted to the baby carrier is hidden under the waist belt. The carrier can be adjusted in height and width, and the large belt of the material is very well spread over the child’s back. This creates a “cocoon” around it – so you can rest assured of its safety. To relieve the parent, the KAVKA Handy baby carrier has been equipped with wide straps for the shoulders and hips. Thanks to the convenient adjustment, one KAVKA Handy carrier will last for a very long time, because it can be adjusted to a child weighing from 3.5 to even 20 kg and from 56 cm to 104 cm tall. For many parents it will also be a great convenience that we can carry the child as we want – front and back. If you are a fan of long walks or hikes in mountainous terrain, this option will definitely interest you.

Why KENHURU carriers?

KAVKA carriers made of KENHURU wraps meet all safety standards – CEN / TR 16512, so that no parent has to worry about anything. Due to all the improvements and adjustments, the carrier can be worn alternately, it is not intended for one person only. An important feature is the fact that you can adjust the carrier to your needs and the needs of the toddler, so as it turns out, not only is the carrier comfortable, but also the carrier feels very comfortable with the carrier. The fabric from which the product is made means that children with sensitive skin and prone to allergies can also be worn in the KAVKA Handy carrier.

The benefits of carrying your baby in a carrier

There are many advantages and benefits of carrying your baby in the KAVKA Handy baby carrier. First of all, free hands and freedom of movement, the parent can perform daily activities with the toddler. We have our child close to us all the time, the child can be calmer because he feels our smell, our warmth and heartbeat. This allows the toddler to fall asleep freely. Such a carrier can also be extremely helpful in eliminating children’s collisions.

Having a baby carrier does not have to mean giving up a stroller, but it can be a great complement for parents who have a passion and like to spend time actively. Thanks to the KAVKA Handy baby carrier, they do not have to give up spending time together. The KAVKA Handy baby carrier is also perfect for traveling. Walks in the mountains, sandy beach, you do not have to give up anything, because the carrier is invaluable in such matters. Narrow shopping alleys, visiting coastal towns, you don’t need to take a pram with the KAVKA Handy baby carrier.

Contemporary KAVKA Handy carriers are characterized by a solid quality of workmanship and comfort in use. From the very beginning, they are easy to wear for both the parent and the baby. They are light, comfortable and safe, easy to put on and take off. Get to know our models and choose the right one for you and your child.